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The pianist Pascal GALLET made his first television appearance at the age of 10. Entered very young at the CNSM of Paris, he obtains several awards and follows the cycle of improvement in piano.


His early years were crowned with numerous international competition awards such as:
Viotti, Porto, Trapani, Menuhin Foundation, Senigalia, Ministry of Culture in France.

Then, he began an international career as a soloist with the most prestigious orchestras in the world. 


On the occasion of the bicentenary of the birth of Liszt, Pascal GALLET recorded an album (dvd) «Liszt Immortel», in Germany on the Steingraëber piano dated 1873 which belonged to Liszt.

January 2013 sees the reissue of the cd Chopin, with the bonus of the 1st movement of the concerto n° 1 in E minor with the Philharmonic Orchestra of the UNAM of Mexico.

The «live» recording of Debussy’s Preludes, in January 2014, is praised by unanimous critics.


Pascal Gallet is the initiator of the International Teresa Llacuna competition and also created in 2014 the National Piano Competition in Madagascar. It was awarded the Béatrice de Savoie Prize in July 2014 and is decorated by Guatemala as a distinguished visitor of the city of Guatemala city.

In May 2014, Pascal Gallet was appointed piano teacher at the CNRR in Marseille (


Since then, he has travelled the world, notably regularly in Brazil – invited to the 2016 CIVEBRA International Festival – and in China, pianist selected at the Shanghai Spring Festival and at the New Music Festival in Guangxi, where he gives world premiere of several Chinese works for piano.

In 2016, SudRadio hired him as a music columnist for the show Tout est Classique.

Most recently, Pascal Gallet released several solo recordings consecutively, including classical-cinema, piano music by Collet and a disc devoted to the works of the famous Chinese composers Wen Dequing and Lei Jiang.

Pascal Gallet is artistic director of the Les MusicsTransBauges festival. Find the information on his Facebook page.

In February 2020, following the invitation of the UNAM , Pascal Gallet will give several concerts in the prestigious nezahualcoyotl, the complete music for solo piano by André Jolivet and his concerto for piano and orchestra with the philharmonic orchestra of the UNAM of Mexico.International musical event whose video is online on Youtube.


Olivier Messiaen, COMPOSER

"Thanks to Pascal Gallet who played the Merle Bleu so beautifully"


Yvonne Loriod Messiaen, pianist 

"In love with a landscape, a painting, his enthusiasm was always present, based on a very intelligent technical work"

francois rené.jpg

François René Duchâble, pianist

"His great knowledge of music allows him to approach all composers with equal happiness"

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