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June 22 south radio le loft
July 1st Aix the baths
July 9    Bessans
July 10 concert tribute to Galletti
From July 12 to 16 piano academies conservatoryfrom Aix the baths
The MusicsTransBauges on July 14 atAlby sur cheran and July 17 in gresy sur Aixand atoutdoor theaterfrom Aix the baths

September 19, La Roche sur ForonTour

Saudi ArabiaJeddah
Monday, October 25 – SASCAJeddah
Tuesday, October 26 – Residence of FranceRiyadh
Wednesday, October 27 – Residence of FranceRiyadh
Thursday, October 28 – Cultural PalaceAl-Khobar
Friday, October 29 – Notah TownBahrain 
Saturday 30 October Alliance FrançaiseBahrain
Sunday October 31 residency in FranceUnited Arab EmiratesAbu Dhabi
Monday November 1 Sorbonne University concertAbu Dhabi
Tuesday November 2 Sorbonne University    Master ClassDubai
saturday 6 november alliance française auditoriumDubai
Thursday, November 4 the educational concert recital in schools.Dubai
Sunday 7 November the recital
DubaiMonday, November 8 the recital
DubaiTuesday 9 november the recital
DubaiWednesday, November 10 the recital 

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